Sunday, March 18, 2012

Public Affairs Announcements - March 19th 2012

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) meeting
Did you know that members of the UofC Postdoctoral association leadership are currently attending the NPA meeting? This meeting concentrates on group-thinking strategies that brainstorm ways to improve the postdoctoral experience. Specifically, issues related to: 1) women in science, 2) postdoc. benefits, 3) diversity issues, 4) ways to reduce time to independence, as well as many other topics are being discussed. If you would like to read about the 2012 NPA program, please click the web-link below.
Postdoctoral Spotlight
In the most recent addition of ‘The Imprint’, the UofC Postdoc. Association President, Rachel Bergerson, is featured in a full-length commentary. She talks about: 1) her decision to come to UofC to work with her current advisor, Dr. Le Beau, 2) what motivated her decision to come to Chicago, outside of her professional goals, 3) what she is working on now, 4) what motivates her passion for research, 5) her current research goals and 6) her work as the BSD Postdoctoral President. Check it out in the Winter quarter published copy of ‘The Imprint’!
Promoting women postdocs through ADVANCE
Did you know that the National Postdoctoral Association has a grant (funded by the NSF) that specifically seeks to assist women in the transition to the professoriate. Some of the initiatives funded by this directive include: 1) Organizing a national summit on gender, 2) holding workshops on recommended processes, 3) reviewing current institutional practices and 4) providing ongoing technical assistance to women seeking the postdoctoral transition. More info. can be found below:
International postdocs
Did you know that the majority of postdocs in the United States are foreign-born citizens? That means that most of the postdoctoral population must go through an even more challenging professional progression than the normal U.S. citizen or permanent resident. To understand more about the rights of international postdocs and how they can be better supported during these challenging times, please visit the weblinks below:
Visa guide:

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