Monday, February 27, 2012

Announcements from the Public Affairs Committee -February 27th 2012

Academic Women at the University of Chicago
An organization can only be as successful as the talent, passion and determination of their faculty, post-docs. and students. Furthermore, cultivating an environment that is rich in resources and support for both men and women is critical. More relevantly; women in academics face an unparalleled challenge due to many factors that simply do not confront men. To start an objective discussion into how important women are to academics, how we can improve support mechanisms for women in academics and how we can begin a rationale conversation for cultivating a rich environment that satisfies the needs of women, please view the “Report on the Status of Academic Women at The University of Chicago”, below.

Special Awareness Issues for Women at UoC
As post-docs., women can face an up-hill battle in performing the same level of high-impact, important and exciting research as men do, due to motherhood, lack of similar compensation as men or other female-related issues that do not confront men. As colleagues, teammates and responsible community members, we must remember this in the world of academics. To help support equality between academic men and women, we have appended several resources for women post-docs., below. The first web-link is a guide, tailored especially for women that, aides in the complicated decision-making and health-related choices that women post-docs. face on a constant basis. The second web-link is a link to funding opportunities that especially tailor to the interests of women post-docs. The third and final link is a source for the family resource center, which is especially helpful for those post-docs. (including both men and women) with children.
Women’s guide to UoC:

Strong women encourage a positive post-doc. experience at UoC
Strong academic women at University of Chicago are making a positive impact on our collective future. To honor their commitment and importance, as well as to thank them for their service, we highlight some of the many women at UoC that are constantly striving to increase the prestige, knowledge and collective good for us all. Below, you will find several biographies of women at UoC, drawn from a long list of academic women making a huge impact on post-docs.
Dr. Nancy E. Schwartz: Associate Dean of Post-Doctoral Affairs. Dr. Schwartz is an extraordinary advocate for post-docs and is the founding Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral affairs at the University of Chicago. She has served as chair of both the Graduate Research and Education Deans, the Postdoctoral Leaders Group at the Association of American Medical Colleges, is on the board of directors of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and is a founding advisory board member of the National Postdoctoral Association.

Dr. Melissa Gilliam: Associate Dean of Diversity of the BSD. Dr. Gilliam is currently Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as Professor of Pediatrics. Her recent appointment as Associate Dean of Diversity will play a critical leadership role with regard to increasing the diversity of UoC faculty through retention, career development and recruitment, as well as fulfilling an important role in attracting a diverse student- house staff- and fellow-based community.

Dr. Anne I. Sperling: Associate Director of the MSTP Curriculum. Dr. Sperling is currently Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of the respiratory biology training grant, Director of the immunology applications facility, Associate Director of the MSTP curriculum and member of several graduate programs. Dr. Sperling has a strong commitment to postdoctoral training and has served on over 40 thesis committees.

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